Siberian Pine Nut oil Production

We are proud to present our Siberian Pine (Cedar) Nut Oil (Lat. Pinus Sibirica), which is 100% natural and of the highest quality. It is a bio-regulator known for many cosmetic and medicinal properties, including supporting immunity & nervous system, slowing down ageing and increasing life expectancy. We use it ourselves and would recommend it to anyone.

After reading this article, please answer the question if there is any waste left after the pine nut oil production. production-process.png


The pine (cedar) nut production-nuts-300x220.jpg

The supplies of the Siberian pine (cedar) are held from ecologically pure regions of the taiga. Taiga is not only best place of  the quality of this nuts,  but also the virgin pristine forest since creation of the Earth, the best ecological place. The nuts are picked by hand from the ground. People, who collected the nuts, even give the names for  the trees they come  to  see  every second year. After  receiving the nut it goes from the place of  its procurement to the production for further processing.

Pine (cedar) nut shell & kernel film  production-cedar-film-300x220.jpg

After the nut undergoes one of the technological stages of its processing, the secondary product appears. It’s the film of the cedar nut kernel which is used as a filling for cedar pillows. 




Siberian pine (cedar) nut kernel production-pilled-nut-300x220.jpg

The nut kernel is a target product of pine (cedar) nut oil processing. Kernel processing is one of the main stages which the further quality of the product depends on. Only women personnel, specially taught and having much work experience takes part in the processing. The manual labour cannot be changed by any equipment.


Siberian pine (cedar) nut oil production-oil-pouring-300x220.jpg

After wringing the oil flows down into a glass bottle and at once, without sediment and filtration, goes to bottling which is held manually. The oil is recommended to shake up before use. The enrichment by soft resin, sea-buckthorn and propolis also takes place. Only slow wooden cold-pressing method is used. Natural sediment occurs in the bottles. It shows good quality of the oil. Please shake the bottle well before each use.


Siberian pine (cedar) oilcake production-oilcake-300x220.jpg

The oilcake, received after the stage of oil extraction, is crumbled up, filtered and then put in paper packs for its further uses. It is also partially used as one of the components for the output of further products. For example, the toothpaste. It is used to make the pine nut milk. Also it is used in baking and smoothies.  


Siberian pine (cedar) nut shell production-shell-300x220.jpg

Pine (cedar) nut shell (husk) after cleaning, drying and crumbling up is used for the output of further production. For example, the pillow. The pine (cedar) shell found also broad application in landscaping as the mulching material as soil fertilizer. To date, various tinctures, infusions and decoctions of cedar shells are still well-known among the people therapeutic agents.


Pine (cedar) soft resin (sap) production-sap-300x220.jpg

The pine (cedar) resin flows down the stem of the Siberian cedar. It then crystallises. Like this, it is gathered from the crust of the tree, cleaned and then added to the nut oil. Also, chewing gums are made out of this resin (sap).




The needle 

Siberian pine (cedar) tree needles are used for essential oil production. 




The parts of the pine (cedar) cone production-cone-chuff-300x220.jpg

The parts of the pine (cedar) cone are used for essential oil