All Heal - 1.8 oz

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*This recipe was passed from my grandma with love* 


"ALL HEAL"ointment

Pure * Simple * from Wild-Crafted Herbs only * Handmade * Handpicked * more than Organic


- Therapeutic deep moisturizing

- Soothing 

- Revitalizing

- Regenerates skin on cellular level

- Antimicrobial


- Eczema 

- Psoriasis

- Cuts 

- Burns

- Bruises

- Dry skin

- Itch

- Swimmer's Irritated skin

- after surgery Scars

- Insects Bites (wasps, mosquitoes, bees...)

- Great for PETs

Smell: natural, herbal.

Because it is pure and consentrated, works as therapeutic and penetrates on cellular level, "little dub goes a long way"...

Apply as needed.

For external use only.

Attention: Always test a small amount on your hand first to ensure that you don't have any reactions on any of the herb ingredients in the ointment.

Ingredients: organic cold pressed olive oil, celandine, comfrey, plantain, resin of black cottonwood buds, calendula, bee propolis, beeswax.

Shelf life: up to 2 years. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review